July 12: Quit Buggin’ Me! Part 1: Herbal Relief for Skeeters, Gnats, and Other Pests

When: Sunday July 12, noon – 5 PM
Where: Cedar Mountain Herb School
Fee: $85

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Join other herbal enthusiasts at the Cedar Mountain Herb School and carpool up into the mountains in Skagit County for a day of wild plant ID, harvesting, and medicine making. These intensives are mini-apprenticeships for those who have limited time or wish to learn more about the wild plants that live in the Pacific Northwest.

We will meet for all Intensives at Cedar Mountain Herb School, and proceed from there to harvest areas. Students have an active role in gathering wild herbs, processing the plant matter, and crafting a variety of medicines from them.

Each intensive gives a great deal of medicinal uses for the wild plants harvested, in addition to case study stories, and instruction around appropriate uses, dosages, and applications.

Grindelia – Grindelia integrifolia helps to combat the itch and welting of bug bites, hot spots, skin rashes, and reactions to poison oak and poison ivy.

Grindelia promotes freer breathing by clearing up severe congestion due to simple colds, asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

In addition, Grindelia acts as an effective urinary tract disinfectant.

Yarrow – Achillea millefolium: Yarrow heats you up, causes sweating, moves water around in your body, makes you pee and combats viral attacks when taken internally.

Yarrow helps to stop the bleeding of wounds, hemorrhoids, and makes the bugs bug off! It has a very good anti-inflammatory effect, both internally and externally, which could be helpful during a cold/flu, gastrointestinal upsets, diarrhea, and joint issues like rheumatoid arthritis and allergic reactions.

Yarrow is also used as an anti-parasitic. We’ll discuss conditions where Yarrow’s medicine would be beneficial and where it would be contraindicated.

Plantain – Plantago ssp.: Plantain is my go-to herb for relieving the itching and welting of bug bites. It provides super quick and effective relief! Internally, plantain will also assist as an antihistimine for reactions from environmental and food allergens.

Tansy – Tanacetum bipinnatum ssp. huronense: There’s a mouthful, hey? When I had my sheep and goats, I hung tansy in the barn to repel bugs of all kinds. My llama loved to eat it, so I had to keep it well out of reach of him in order to keep the bugs away.

Students will make a bug-off remedy with these herbs along with herbal medicine for relieving colds and killing viruses.

If you would like to take home remedies (including bug spray!) made in class, please bring:

  • 4 half pint jars with lids.
  • 100 proof and above vodka – one pint
  • Isopropyl alcohol – half pint
  • Brandy 80 proof
  • Honey – 8-10 oz.
  • Gathering bags/basket
  • Cutting board, chopping knife and scissors
  • Dress appropriately for
  • the weather.
  • Notebook/camera.

You’ll take home the remedies you make during the workshop and a plethora of valuable herbal and dietary information. 

Cancellation fee is $10 if you let us know at least 72 hours before the workshop. Within 72 hours, cancellation fee is $20. No refunds for no-shows. Thanks!