Herbalist Teacher Training Program
Instructor: CMHS Founder Suzanne Tabert

The Herbalist Teacher Training Program is cancelled for 2020,
with plans to reopen this program in 2021.


The Herbalist Teacher Training Program at CMHS prepares committed qualified herbalists to achieve their dream and goals of launching and advancing a thriving teaching career to share their passion and wisdom. To qualify for the program, herbalist teacher training students must have at least one full year, equivalent of 3 apprenticeship programs with Suzanne, or 2 full years with other herbalists. Self taught herbalists with at least 5 years continuous experience will be considered. Students must fill out an application including letter of reference that will be reviewed before acceptance into the program. Space is limited to 8 students.

Group will meet every other Wednesday, June through September
June 3 | June 17 | July 1 | July 15 | July 29 | August 12 | August 26 | Sept 9 | Sept 23
Times: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Included in the fee will be private mentorship once a month for the next year, in person, zoom, phone, or email. Students will have the opportunity to shadow Suzanne twice during her apprentice programs and/or workshops. Upon completion of the program, students who have fulfilled all requirements will receive a certificate of excellence!

Training Program Tuition: $3,950.00


  • Defining your passion. Herbalism is a wide highway. Medicine maker. Wildcrafter. Gardener. Science. Spirit. Lessons/workshops are then tailored to fit. This gives students clear ideas about what they’ll learn.
  • Culture. Culture is a set of attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and customs. Defining your culture; bringing others onboard.
  • Teaching styles. Effectively engaging with students to create a fun and informative learning experience.
  • How to impart knowledge to the students in ways that they will understand and benefit.
  • Instructor ethics and behavior. Yes, students look to the instructor for not only knowledge, but safety.
  • Researching herbal information. Winnowing the truth from the false. Instructors must give clear and correct information when teaching.
  • Creating syllabi and curriculum. Organizational skills to allow workshops and programs to flow.
  • Creating assignments and tests. Inspiring students to do homework. Being clear of what is required.
  • Writing proposals and bio. When applying to teach at herbal conferences and gatherings, clear, concise, and exciting proposals and bios are the ones that get noticed.
  • Art of creating workshop descriptions that grab attention and garner registrations.
  • Learning platforms. A place where the instructor communicates with the groups outside of class time. Pros and cons of a variety of platforms and pricing.


  • Fostering healthy relationships, community, and boundaries with students. Improving cultural competence, diversity awareness.
  • Managing groups of students. Navigating roadblocks when students have challenges and act out during class. How to support with compassion vs enabling/codependency. How to drop a student who is consistently causing issues.
  • Business development. Taxes, insurance, liability paperwork, licensing. What and when to DIY and hire help.
  • Money. It can be challenging. Being clear and confident with fee structure and refund policies.
  • Hiring and firing. How to hire the best people for your culture and how and when to let someone go who isn’t working up to par.
  • Marketing. How to attract students to your workshops/school. The latest trends in marketing and communication.
  • Website. How to choose the right web host, website tech support, content, social media. Choosing a mission statement.
  • Class sizes and registration websites. How to streamline your registration payment processing. Class size considerations.
  • Teaching venues and harvest locations. Costs and how to find the spaces to best serve the needs of you and your students. Care and stewardship of legal harvest locations.
  • Self care. When to take breaks. Walking the talk of herbalism and wellness.

As the weeks progress, students will be required to give short lessons which will be critiqued by Suzanne and their fellow students, write papers such as creating lesson plans and research on the subjects taught during the training program, create short videos for evaluation, and have opportunities to demonstrate their developing skills. Students will need to bring a laptop, iPad, macbook or equivalent to some of the lessons. Some lessons will be taught in part by professionals who are skilled in their field.

Additionally, students will be added to a learning platform when the program fills where all communication outside of class will take place.


Cedar Mountain Herb School is a thriving and successful herb school guiding literally thousands of students to better health via hands-on integrated botanical programs centering on wild medicinal plants and their applications, science, grounding, sun, limiting EMF exposure, bio hacks, diet, stress management, and awesome times with fellow members of the CMHS community.

It takes time to learn how to effectively work with a wide population of students. Suzanne’s 30 years of teaching experience ensures that she is mature in her approach to teaching. What is commonly and consistently said by her students is that their lives are changed for the better. Are you ready to change lives???

As apprentice Karis says, “THANK YOU! Your apprenticeship was life changing and absolutely the “Best Tuesday Ever!” I am grateful for it all… your knowledge is invaluable, you’ve fueled my fire to continue learning in and staying close to nature, brought me back to center and to my purpose… I can not thank you enough! Your knowledge, care, and sustainable practices are so needed in our world today – a more intimate knowledge of nature and its power and fragility. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing with us all. As long as you teach, the world will benefit.”

If you’re ready and excited to launch or advance your teaching career, click below to begin your journey. I look forward to mentoring you to success! After the quick online application is filled out, we will arrange for a phone interview to complete the registration process.