Herbal Support for Stress and Anxiety Relief


Herbal Support for Stress and Anxiety Relief
Friday, May 3

Time: 6 – 9 pm
Fee: $85




Relax: To make or become less anxious. Relax. What a fine word! Stress and anxiety can happen due to life changes, relationship issues, scary diagnoses, losses, day to day expectations, fears whether known or unknown, social media, commuting, etc. For those wishing to move easier in this crazy world in which we live, this workshop will help them to gain a plethora of useful information.

When stress happens, our body and mind have several mechanisms for handling the mental and physical manifestations. Chronic stress contributes to chronic inflammation as the body responds to any stress with histamine reaction. Chronic inflammation can lead to diseases such as fibromyalgia, SEID (chronic fatigue), and even cancer. The mind can shut down. The term “can’t think straight” becomes a real thing.

The nervous system is the control center of the body. It interprets what the body senses and directs responses via movement and glandular activity. It governs the running of our systems such as heart rate, immunity, digestion, and respiration without us having to think about it. The nervous system is responsible for our moods and thoughts. Emotional health, therefore, is a function of nerve health.

Upwards towards 80% of our relaxing neurotransmitters are synthesized in our small intestine and released in the bloodstream. Digestive health is key to a healthy nervous system. How can we heal and feed the gut with food, herbs, probiotics, exercise and relaxation techniques so that a person has less anxiety and depression, sleeps better, and is better able to cope with day to day and bigger stresses as they happen? Come to the workshop for your answers!

Last summer, I accompanied my grandnephews on a plane trip across the country. The older one started having a panic attack during the flight. We were able to stop the panic within a few very short minutes with what I keep in what he calls my “magic purse.”  The rest of the flight was peaceful. What’s in my magic purse? All mysteries will be revealed during the workshop.

Nature provides a plethora of nutrients and herbs for nerve health and repair. Herbs and practices designed to soothe and heal the nervous system, gain relief from stress, anger, insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, and the physical manifestations of these conditions will be discussed at length. I’ll also share a wide variety tools to manage anxiety disorders, life transitions, agoraphobia, travel anxiety, difficult relationships, and more. Be a part of the discussion!

There will be relaxing activities including breathing techniques, short guided meditation, and gentle yoga stretching, and medicinal remedies to sample during the workshop. Students will accumulate an herbal and self-care “tool belt” for mitigating stress and anxiety,  sample remedies, and take home a stress relieving herbal blend. medicinal remedies to sample during the workshop. Hope to see YOU soon!!!!

What to bring:
1. Snack, water, notebook
2. Yoga mat or large towel

Workshop will be held at beautiful 21 Acres Farm. Details will be in your registration confirmation email.