Herbal Immersion Hybrid Apprenticeship Program

WHEN: Every Other Thursday, April 22 – September 11 2021
TIME: 9 am – 3 pm Pacific
FEE: 2150 USD
INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne Tabert
LOCATION: Online — with two 3-day weekends in Sandpoint, Idaho

Starting on Earth Day 2021!

What better way to celebrate? The Herbal Immersion Hybrid Apprenticeship Program is a rare opportunity for those who have a strong desire to strengthen their skills and fill their herbal tool belts and apothecary with herbal medicine from both the wild and garden. A combination of distance learning and two phenomenal 3 day in-person wildcrafting adventures in Sandpoint, Idaho delivers intensive in-the-field plant identification with hands-on harvesting, formulation, and medicine making.

Online modules meet from 9 am – 3 pm Pacific Time. Students will receive instructions to attend the online modules.

Idaho Intensive Wildcrafting Adventure Dates:
  • June 3 – 5 Thursday – Saturday
  • Sept 9 – 11 Thursday – Saturday

The address to our meeting place will be provided after registration.

The mountains and valleys of northern Idaho are redolent with both dry and coastal plant life. From nettles, wild raspberry, and Douglas fir to ponderosa pine, arrowleaf balsam root, arnica, and blue elder. So much medicine!

Lodging and meals are not provided. Students must provide their own travel expenses including transportation to and from home and during the lesson times, lodging, and meals. It’s suggested that apprentices come the day before to get settled and acclimated, as we will begin our studies promptly at 9 am and go to 5 pm each day.

During each in-person wildcrafting adventure, students will spend three full days in Sandpoint, Idaho in mid- to sub-alpine elevations and riparian locales.

At each location, the instructor will discuss the local plants, their botany, medicinal properties, their actions in the human body, A&P, ecology, and lore. Students will sustainably harvest wild plants and use them to prepare a variety of medicinal remedies. As students learn to distinguish individual plants’ medicines, they will formulate remedies, and experience the effectiveness of using plants living near each other.

Major Course Educational Objectives

This is primarily a skills-based harvesting adventure, hence, the principal goal is for the students to develop the ability and skills to identify plants through organoleptic identification and making herbal medicine with plants.

Students will:

    • Identify vascular plants native and non-native to the Pacific Northwest and Inland West using botanical Latin and colloquial terms and standard botanical identification methods.
      • Distinguish the medicinal uses of plant species both native and non-native.
      • Participate in legal, ethical, and sustainable wildcrafting exercises.
    • Design and create highly-effective herbal products by recognizing the formulas plants create when living in community with each other.
      • Discern appropriate applications and dosing for the remedies, and explain contraindications.


Online Module 1, April 22: Wild Plant Meet and Greet
Taking notice of the wild medicinals that grow so abundantly around us. The focus will be on plants in Washington and North Idaho. Identification, materia medica, and applications.

Online Module 2, May 6: Medicinal Herbs in the Garden
Top must-have medicinals in YOUR herb garden for healing and botanical skin care. Hugelkultur, straw bale gardening, traditional gardens, and soil amendments for high yields. Adaptogenic, antimicrobials, culinary, stress relieving herbs.

Online Module 3, May 20: Herbs, Practices, and the Anatomy and Physiology of a Healthy Digestive System
Going beyond digestive health to reversing chronic inflammation and creating mental and immune health using bitter herbs. The lesson will include the compounds that present the bitter profiles in the herbs we study.

Module 4, June 3-5: In-person wildcrafting experience in Sandpoint, ID
Ponderosa pine, arnica, ceanothus red root, arrowleaf balsam root, wild raspberry, Oregon grape and more will be on the docket. Hydrosol distillation, flower remedies, herbal medicine making, and a variety of fun-to-make healthy herbal treats.

Online Module 5, June 17: Gut connection with the nervous and immune systems. Stress Less!
Strong immunity and mental health is closely tied to gut fitness. Upwards towards 80% of our relaxing neurotransmitters are synthesized in our small intestine and released into the bloodstream, with 70% of immunity happening in the gut. To achieve good gut health to support immunity and emotional health, we heal and feed the gut with healthy food, herbs, probiotics, exercise, and relaxation techniques.

Online Module 6, July 1: Phytochemistry: Constituent Groups and the Menstrua That Love Them
Phytochemistry is the study of the constituents in plants that cause physiological changes in the body. Knowing the chemical makeup, actions, and needs of constituents or groups of constituents will give the medicine maker a clear view on pairing them with the correct mentrua to ensure high quality remedies. This is a beginners lesson, prior chemistry knowledge is not required.

Online Module 7, July 15: Herbal Formulations
Herbal remedies work with the body to heal. It’s important to learn how herbs work with each other and herbs that work against each other – and why – in formulas. We will discuss why lifestyle changes, diet, stress relief, and other healing adjustments must be made in conjunction with herbs in order for total healing to occur.

Online Module 8, July 29: Herbal First Aid
We never know when medical emergencies such as wounds, bleeding, infections, muscle trauma, allergic reactions, broken bones, heat exhaustion, blood sugar crashes, and motion sickness may occur. Be prepared in advance by learning what plants to use and the best ways to use them.

Online Module 9, August 12: Pain Relievers
Acute and chronic pain can be so debilitating. Strong herbal relief is on the way for muscular and skeletal pain, all over body pain, neuralgia, viral aches and pains, and migraines.

Online Module 10, August 26: Building Robust Immunity
Focus on the stressors of healthy immune responses and discuss herbs and practices to strengthen and heal to create a robust immune system that can deal with what comes our way. We will touch on stress, emotions and their impact on the immune system and respiratory support. Elderberries, fire cider, mushroom medicine, garlic, and other immune building herbs.

Module 11, September 9 – 11: Wildcrafting adventure in Sandpoint, ID
As the seasons change, the medicine of plants can change. Explore the medicine of arrowleaf balsam root as it changes from spring to autumn, learn the best ways to make elderberry and mushroom remedies, fire cider, make incense from wild plants, mullein tiki torches, botanical skin care, and tons of medicine making.

Students will have homework and activities to complete between meetings.

Important things to know

Here are some vital details you should take into consideration before signing up:

Attendance is required for at least one of the Idaho Harvest Adventures. Registration priority will be given to students who will attend all modules. It’s recommended that apprentices attend all modules, including both Idaho harvest adventures, to access the full effectiveness of the program. We will not consider those who wish to attend the online portions only as we have online workshops available.

You are traveling and harvesting at your own risk. Please be responsible for your own needs and safety.

PLEASE NOTE: While the focus of the Idaho harvest adventures is on wildcrafting and processing plant material, it will be a ton of fun and super relaxing as well. Please leave recreational drugs – including marijuana – at home, and if a town visit is planned for the evenings (which is totally cool), please be very judicial regarding alcohol consumption to ensure clear heads and ready bodies each morning for learning, harvesting, and processing. A student who is under the influence during class time will be asked to leave. This is said for clarity as there have been incidents. Class time will be 9am – 5ish pm with breaks, of course. Please leave children, partners, friends, and pets at lodging during class time, so that we can all stay focused on the tasks at hand. xoxo

HOUSING: Housing is not provided. Students must make their own housing and travel arrangements. Students will need to acquire the tools, jars, and menstrua needed for harvesting and making medicine. This will include half pint and pint jars, a variety alcohol including 80, 100, and 151 proof alcohol, honey, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, glycerine, apple cider vinegar. Cutting boards, chopping knives, clippers, painters tape for labels, and camp chairs will be needed as well. Each week, the apprentices will be notified what they’ll need to bring to that particular class.
APPRENTICESHIP REFUND AND MISSED CLASSES POLICY: There are absolutely no refunds, transfers, or make-up days for missed classes or dropping the programs 1 month or less from the start of the program, and/or once the program begins. The responsibility of attending each valuable class rests solely upon the student. Students who attend CMHS apprenticeship programs take coveted places in the program that other students would be thrilled to utilize. If a student drops out 1 month or more before the start of the program, they will receive their fee minus a 20% processing fee. No exceptions will be made.
LIMITED ENROLLMENT: There are many who wish to attend our programs and enrollment is limited to keep our wildcrafting footprint light. The apprenticeship programs at CMHS are for students who are committed to be present each day of the program/s and completing all assigned work. We reserve the right to terminate the teacher/student affiliation at any time without refund for disruptive behavior, creating undue drama, disrespect towards instructors or students, not completing required work, and/or missing 2 consecutive classes in a program, with no exceptions. Please read the entire program offerings carefully, including what you will need to acquire for the programs and our refund policy, in order to make the right decision for you. Thank you for understanding.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have before registering.

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