Herbal Gifts from the Heart and Kitchen

Gifts from the Heart and Kitchen
Saturday, November 10
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Fee: $95 plus $20 materials fee (materials fee paid at workshop)



Handcrafted gifts give an “I really care about you!” vibe that a store-bought gift just can’t project. And truly, the way to just about everyone’s heart is through their stomach!

Herbal Vinegar  – Vinegar extracts the vitamins and minerals from plants as well as the essential oils and flavors. The acidic nature of vinegar allows the iron and calcium in herbs to easily be assimilated by our cells. Women, men, growing teens, those dealing with health issues such as iron deficiencies, arthritis, and bone loss are nourished by the liberal use of plant vinegar. And they’re tasty to boot!!!!

Herbal Olive Oils  –  Cooking with flavored oils is  a mouth-watering beginning to seasoning foods of all kinds ~ meat dishes, vegetables, salad dressings. Herbal oils are easy to make, are beautiful pieces of “art” on the kitchen counter and are always welcome as gifts.

Herbal Salts  – Herbs and spices add extra flavor and excitement to food. They merit attention; savory scents from the kitchen will bring your family and guests running to the table happily waiting for the dishes to be set in front of them.

Herbal Truffles  – Herbal truffles are super yummy, healthy, and carry the medicine of plants to people in a way that they will happily eat! The truffles can be adapted to accommodate needs and what you have available in your kitchen.


Did you know? A large percentage of what we put on our skin goes directly into our blood stream. Synthetic scents (commonly called “fragrances”) are frequently made with petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are carcinogenic. Artificial colors have been proven to be allergenic endocrine disruptors. Yikes! Bath and body wares made with high quality natural ingredients really step up the game to help you, your friends, and family glow with good health!

Hot Process Soap – Easy to make soap from scratch. Long lasting, moisturizing herbal soap lathers like a moon dog!

Soap Felting– it’s like a washcloth wrapped around a bar of soap! Super fun to make and use.

Lotion Bars – Use as a barrier before gardening, after working on the car, washing the dishes… you get the idea! And for those oo la la moments when you want to feel extra soft and delectable!

Cocoa Butter Milk Bath – Therapy for your skin! Conditions and nourishes your skin while providing relief from muscle aches and pains.

Fizzy Bath Bombs – Escape the stresses of the world with a bath of fragrant emollient rich fizzy! Your skin will soften and tension will melt away!

Be a part of the creative process and take home handouts of recipes and lots of valuable herbal info including cool packaging ideas! If you would like to take home samples of the bounty made in class, please bring:

  1. $20 materials fee
  2. 8 pack of 4 oz Gladware mini round containers
  3. Pint jar and pint of apple cider vinegar
  4. 1/2 pint jar and 1/2 pint of extra virgin olive oil
  5. Lunch/notebook

The workshop will be at Suzanne’s home in Bothell. Address will be provided in registration confirmation email. To keep the workshop stress free for all, please leave pets and children at home.