Herbal Apothecary ~ Self Reliant Herbalism

  • WHEN: June 12, 2021
  • TIME: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • FEE: 95 USD
  • INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne M. Tabert
  • SETTING: In-Person
  • LOCATION: Sandpoint, ID (details & directions provided after enrollment)

Gain the skills needed to feel confident knowing when to pick plants at their strongest and how to process them to ensure that the remedies will be high quality herbal medicine that really works!

We’ll spend an amazing day in the garden and on the property at the Cedar Mountain Herb School’s Sandpoint farmlet, picking herbs and creating effective herbal preparations to start or add to your herbal apothecary!

Knowing the actions and needs of constituents and which menstrua will extract and preserve them gives the medicine maker a clear view on pairing constituents with the correct menstrua.

This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to making effective herbal medicines. It also answers the question of why and how particular constituents are affecting the body.

Before harvesting, we’ll discuss cultivating a relationship with medicinal plants and stewardship guidelines for foraging and harvesting.

We will then dive into:

  • Medicinal oils, creams, salves
  • Tinctures and elixirs
  • Plant infused honeys and syrups
  • Herbal infused medicinal vinegars and oxymels
  • Infusions and decoctions
  • Fresh herb salts
  • Antiseptic sprays

 We need options! It’s important to gain a solid foundation in making the basics and having many options to accommodate preferences. How can we support a person with herbs if they won’t or can’t use alcohol tinctures, don’t like the taste of teas, or think that all herbal medicine is hippy voodoo? The goal is to get the medicine to the people in a way that they’ll be happy to take so that healing can occur! Students will learn many ways to add herbal medicine to their, and their loved ones, daily lives!

Students will take home remedies they make themselves and samples of preparations that Suzanne demonstrates during the workshop.

What to bring / How to prepare?

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