Hawthorn Harvest Intensive


Hawthorn Harvest Intensive
Saturday, Sept 29
Time: 10 am – 3 pm
Fee: $85 




Join herbal enthusiasts at the Cedar Mountain Herb School for a day of wild plant ID, harvesting, and medicine making at a picturesque farm in Woodinville!

This intensive is for those who wish to dive deep into wild plants and medicine making. Please come – I have so much to teach you and you’ll have a grand adventure!

Common knowledge says that hawthorn is “good for the heart.” What does that even mean? We’ll delve into plant constituents to learn the “why and how” hawthorn is working with our anatomy and physiology to improve the health of not only the heart, but aid digestion, treat anxiety and panic attacks, relieve the effects of stress and insomnia. As hawthorn has a strong relaxing effect on the central nervous system, it is particularly helpful for those who are going through life transitions and dealing with grief.

For people of all experiential levels desiring an “upgrade” to add to their herbal toolbelt, and perfect for those in medical professions who wish to better equip themselves to answer their patient’s herbal questions.

Intensive objectives:

*Understand the active chemical constituents of hawthorn that react upon the body positively.
*Properly identify hawthorn in the wild and analyze readiness for harvest.
*Define and describe wildcrafting within the context of legal gathering, ethics, and sustainable harvesting.
*Harvest local, medicinal plants using ethical and sustainable wildcrafting techniques.
*Prepare and discuss the use of medicinal and edible plant products including, toners, elixirs, and herbal infused honeys.
*Distinguish appropriate applications and dosing for the remedies, and explain contraindications.

Students will have the opportunity to harvest hawthorn and create medicinal remedies to get the medicine to the people in ways that they’ll enjoy taking – an elixir, oxymel, and herb infused honey! There will be a variety of hawthorn remedies to sample.

What to bring:

Please note that jar sizes are pints. Please be mindful to not bring larger containers. Those who bring larger jars will not be allowed to harvest more berries than the rest of the students. We do not want to strip the trees of all their berries as the birds and animals need them as well for their food.

1. 3  pint jars with lids
2. Apple cider vinegar – a pint
3. Brandy – any brand. 80 proof – a pint
4. Honey – a pint and a half
5. A small bowl for muddling your berries before they go into your jars
6. Gathering bags/basket
7. Scissors and a cutting board
8. Dress appropriately for the weather. We’ll be in a field with lots of tall grass and scratchy plants. Sturdy shoes are a good idea. The ground is uneven. Be forewarned!
9. Lunch, beverage, camp chair
10. Some chocolate for the heck of it

We will meet at a farm in Woodinville for the workshop. Address will be given in the confirmation email. To keep the workshop stress free for all, please leave pets and children at home. We will have a canopy for relief from the rain or sun if needed!