Energetics of Herbal Medicine



Date: Saturday, February 29th
Time: 10am – 12:30pm
Fee: $95
Instructor: Jill Allison



Humans and plants both have energetic patterns. In understanding and matching these patterns, we can more successfully ask for the help of our plants allies in maintaining our health and balance.

In the first part of the workshop, instructor Jill Allison will discuss simple, but elegant, concepts of how energy is manifested in humans and plants. Heat and cold; dampness and dryness are some examples of the types of energetics that, when imbalanced, can cause dis-ease. The ability to astringe dampness or dispel excess heat is part of the properties in plants we consider when treating diseases. Jill will discuss how heat, cold, damp, dryness, and wind are expressed. The concept of yin and yang will also be introduced. The interaction between yin and yang is integral to understanding balance.

The second part of the workshop will unveil how the tastes of plants manifest in their use. Properties such as how the astringent taste of herbs dries dampness or sweet taste helps to build blood and qi are discussed. The comparison of the usefulness of different tastes to achieve similar results – as astringents and some pungent herbs both can be used to dry excess damp – will show how these tastes are also subtle in their use and how important it is to know these subtleties when using plants as medicine. Students will have an opportunity to taste a variety of herbs and will take home an herbal energetics chart.

Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center. Address will be provided in the registration notification email.


Jill Allison has been into the healing arts for 4 decades. Obtaining a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine while at Bastyr University taught Jill the importance of balancing energy in maintaining health. A lifelong love of plants inspired her to seek their help in healing. She would like to share her love of plants and knowledge of energy medicine with others so that they may use the learning in helping others. We at the Cedar Mountain Herb School are thrilled to bring Jill to you! In fact, Suzanne will be there to soak up Jill’s wisdom!






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