Cultivating Your Relationship with Medicinal Plants

Saturday, May 16 2020

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Humans and plants have a complex relationship that goes back millenia. When we exhale carbon dioxide, plants breathe it in and exhale oxygen. We breathe in the oxygen that plants provide. What an exquisite exchange! Our very existence depends on plants; without them, life as we know it would be near to impossible.

There may be certain plants that are calling to you. Why might that be? Plants are the wise ones, the life-givers of the Earth, providing us with many our physical needs. There is medicine that comes from the plants and there is medicine simply spending time with and learning about plants. The plants that live where we do are the ones that contain the essence of what we need bring balance and healing to our body, mind and spirit. Plants know. We just need to open up to their communication.

The group will meet plants that are our neighbors and make some new friends through plant walks and identification, guided meditations, exploring the ways plants communicate with us and how we can open our hearts to listen and learn from them.

We will use all of our senses to become acquainted with our green friends, including sampling herbal delights and hydrosols and making a flower essence to take home! Flower essences are incredible medicine that work on an emotional level. We are freed from that which holds up back and are able to move forward. What a delight! Now that’s a powerful relationship, yes?

What to Bring:

  • A camp chair
  • Blanket, yoga mat, or towel
  • Notebook
  • 1 oz amber bottle with dropper (sterilized)
  • Clean scissors
  • Small clean glass bowl or wide-mouth half pint jar
  • 1 oz brandy
  • Clean scissors
  • Lunch, beverage


Location: Discovery Park, Seattle. North parking lot. Address will be given in the registration email. Join us and cultivate YOUR relationship with the plants!


Heather Bruno is the owner of Field and Forest Botanicals, a passionate wildcrafter and medicine maker who focuses on ecologically harvested local plants to create products that nurture, heal and sustain us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and Associate Faculty at Edmonds Community College where she teaches classes in Early Childhood Education. Heather apprenticed with Suzanne Tabert of the Cedar Mountain Herb School and has been a student of herbalism since 1992. Heather supports students to feel empowered to discover and embrace their own wisdom of plants as they open themselves to all the plants wish to teach.

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