Botanical Skin Care, Naturally!



Botanical Skin Care
Saturday, June 6
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Fee: $165
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert




Botanical skin care – Naturally! A high percentage of what we put on our skin goes directly into the bloodstream. Why use products with synthetic colors or scents, cancer promoting and hormone disrupting ingredients? Even natural ingredients can be inferior quality. What does “natural” on a label even mean? The intention of this workshop is to build our consciousness and become aware of what we put on our body. We’ll unpack what makes up skin care products, the healthful ingredients and the ones we just don’t want to use and why, and begin a journey towards a healthier, more beautiful you.

While this workshop is for people of all ages, there will be a focus on older skin. I’m always told I look younger than I am – 60! Part of that is genetics, although what I’ve used for my skin care over the decades has played a very big part in my youthful appearance. Come to the workshop and learn my secrets! I’ll take the guesswork out of the best regime for taking care of YOUR skin. Feel confident in the skin you’re in!

An important aspect of having beautiful skin is emotional/spiritual. Beyond skin care products, we’ll chat about the importance of hydration, stress relief with yoga/exercise, meditation, and sometimes talking things out with a trusted friend or professional.


Layering skin care is so important to beautiful, healthy skin. The workshop will include these beautifying skin products that will be made during the workshop:

Moisturizing soap made from scratch  |  Clay mask with added botanicals including seaweed
Devil’s club, doug fir, ginger epsom salt soak
Tightening toner with acne reducing hydrosol & botanical witch hazel
Body scrub with Himalayan pink mineral salts & Hawaiian black salt
Bath truffles with skin softening oils, herbs, & imbedded crystals
Face and breast serum  |  Super emollient body butter  |  Smoothing mushroom facial lotion  |  Natural lip tint


What you’ll take home: Samples of everything made during the course and everyone will have an opportunity to purchase my Botanical Skin Care, Naturally! book at a discount!!! As a special thank you for registering, you’ll also take home the gift of a beautiful tealight beeswax candle scented with essential oils  from Bluecorn Beeswax!!

What to bring:
Your sweet selves, notebook and pen, lunch. XO

Location: Phinney Community Center in Seattle. Details will be in the registration confirmation email. I am super excited to teach you my versions of botanical skin care to help your skin – and you –  be your best, healthy self. Please join me!

Register for the Workshop:
All workshops are suspended until the stay in place mandate is lifted. Thank you!