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Autumn Wellness Series I ~ Elderberries and Mullein

Autumn Wellness Series I ~ Elderberries and Mullein

  • WHEN:  September 9, 2023
  • TIME:  9:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • FEE:  $115.00 USD
  • INSTRUCTOR:  Suzanne Tabert
  • SETTING:  In-Person
  • LOCATION:  Sandpoint, ID

(details & directions provided after enrollment)

Whether you’re new to herbalism or are more experienced and want to add to your self-reliant herbal tool belt, you’ll gain the skills needed to feel confident knowing when to pick plants at their strongest medicinal and nutritional value and how to process them into highly effective herbal remedies.

Get ready for a day packed full of information and fun as we get our seasonal apothecary ready with herbal remedies to have on hand when needed.

Elderberries: There are so many elder bushes in North Idaho! It can be confusing to weed through the conflicting information about elderberries to find the most effective ways to process them for the strongest medicine AND the best time for harvesting. Suzanne is here for you with her 35+ years of harvesting and processing elderberries to you.

The role of elderberry as one of the most beloved and effective herbs for addressing most viral infections is well known yet there are as many ways to utilize the berries as there are herbalists. Gain an understanding of the unique constituents of our native Elder, Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea, that make it such a valuable remedy. Join the discussion about why elderberry is best used fresh in remedies.

Not only will Suzanne will teach you about the elderberry itself and when to harvest them, but she will also demonstrate how to properly process the fresh berries so you can learn how to make a tincture, oxymel, or elixir.

Mullein, Verbascum thapsus, has a long history of being used in traditional herbal remedies that are safe, tried and true, which is why it is used so extensively even today.

Its fuzzy leaves, stems and roots are full of healing, soothing mucilage and resins that are beneficial to the respiratory tract. Mullein is a gentle, yet powerful expectorant, moistening stuck mucus to help coughs be more productive, and can also quiet a spasmodic cough. It opens the bronchial tubes for easy breathing.

With mullein’s special affinity for the lungs, it is also an herb that helps us to process grief, open our center and let the joy back in. Noting its tall straight spine, mullein flower remedy aids in helping us to stand up for ourselves. We can all use some of that at times, yes?

As mullein’s valuable constituents need different alcohol proofs to pull out both the water soluble mucilage and antioxidants, and the alcohol soluble terpenes and resins, students will make 2 mullein tinctures, using 2 different proofs of alcohol, which will be combined into one super effective tincture when ready. Suzanne will discuss mullein’s phytochemistry in a very easy to understand way.

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We will meet at Suzanne’s farmlet in Sandpoint (address and directions will be emailed after enrollment) and carpool to the harvest site. The workshop is open to registered students only. Please do not bring unregistered guests, pets or children.

NOTE: We will be out in the field to harvest elderberries and mullein and will return to Suzanne’s farmlet for processing.

What to bring:

  • 4 half pint (8 oz) jars with lids. Plastic lids are best, but if using metal lids, bring parchment paper.
  • 1” to 2″ fresh ginger
  • half pint raw organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 half pint honey (not whipped, must be pourable)
  • half pint 80 proof vodka
  • half pint 100 proof vodka
  • half pint 151 proof vodka or rum
  • medium sized bowl to garble the elderberries and mash them for the preparations
  • cutting board and chopping knife
  • clippers and sturdy scissors
  • gathering basket or bag
  • kitchen towel
WORKSHOP REFUND POLICY: Refunds will gladly be given minus a 20% processing fee up to 7 days before a community workshop. We have a no refunds policy for cancelling 7 days or less before a workshop and for no-shows. No exceptions can be made. Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have before registering.