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Autumn Apothecary: Douglas-fir Infused Honey Workshop

Autumn Apothecary: Douglas-fir Infused Honey Workshop

  • WHEN:  October 20, 2023
  • TIME:  10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • FEE:  $125.00 USD
  • INSTRUCTOR:  Heather Bruno
  • SETTING:  In-Person
  • LOCATION:  Seattle, WA

(details & directions provided after enrollment)

Without a doubt, one of the most popular remedies we teach about and make is an infused honey with our iconic Douglas-fir-a wonderful seasonal treat…I mean medicine! Come see what all the excitement is about and try it for yourself! It is a prime example of “getting the medicine to the people in the way they will enjoy taking it”…in fact, you may even need ration it to them so they don’t eat all your honey!

Be prepared for the colder months ahead by making a remedy from one of the most prolific, health-giving trees in the Pacific Northwest! The freshly sweet, woodsy, citrusy-pine redolent scented needles and bark of the Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, make really, really good medicine!

Conifers have a special affinity for the respiratory system, opening up the lungs and sinuses, easing the breath, and allowing for more efficiently oxygenated cells throughout the body, promoting healthy vitality!

Douglas fir can be harvested year ’round. Many folks harvest the tasty new growth evergreen tree “tips” in the Spring but the vitamin C content is actually higher in the colder months and the volatile oils are higher in the summer and early fall. So this is a good time to make medicine! It is also when we have more branches that fall down in the wind, meaning we harvest what the tree gives up-a wonderfully sustainable practice!

Douglas-fir can be crafted into delicious elixirs or oxymels, honey or tincture, transformed into syrups, refreshing beverages, incorporated into both sweet and savory recipes, added to baths, soothing steams and made into heavenly infused oils for salves, chest rubs and lotions. The needles and bark are astringent and antimicrobial, full of vitamins, polyphenols, complex volatile oils, and aromatic resins that strengthen, support, and invigorate our immune system. Not only does this generous tree support a healthy immune and respiratory system, Douglas-fir also works with our nervous systems to evoke states of both relaxation and calm energy-just what we need going into the holidays.

This class takes place outdoors where you will experience the healing magic of being among the trees in Autumn! Learn about the the medicinal attributes of the ecologically important and accessible Douglas-fir, the many ways it can be a great addition to your home apothecary and how to process it to get the best extraction for an exquisite Douglas-fir infused honey. Maybe the most delicious herbal honey you have ever tasted… and it makes a very thoughtful gift!

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Location in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Specific meeting place details will be provided to registrants before the event.

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Paring knife
  • Scissors
  • Clippers (Felco is a good brand)
  • 16 oz wide mouth Mason jar with lid
  • 1 pint local raw honey
  • Camp chair or blanket
  • Optional: grapefruit or mandarin orange and/or a fresh knob of ginger and a zester
WORKSHOP REFUND POLICY: Refunds will gladly be given minus a 20% processing fee up to 7 days before a community workshop. We have a no refunds policy for cancelling 7 days or less before a workshop and for no-shows. No exceptions can be made. Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have before registering.