AHG Stress and Anxiety Relief



Stress and Anxiety Relief
Friday, June 1st
Time: Noon – 1:30 pm



Greetings fellow AHG members,

I’m delighted for the opportunity to share some time with you out in the field!

The nervous system is the control center of the body. It interprets what the body senses and directs responses via movement and glandular activity. It governs the running of our systems such as heart rate, immunity, digestion, and respiration without us having to think about it. The nervous system is responsible for our moods and thoughts. Emotional health, therefore, is a function of nerve health. Nature provides a plethora of nutrients and herbs for nerve health and repair. Herbs and practices designed to soothe and heal the nervous system, gain relief from stress, anger, insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, and the physical manifestations of these conditions will be discussed.

This workshop is free for AHG members only and by registration only. It’s important that our footprint on these beloved places is small, therefore registration is limited to 13 people. One registration per person please; do not “save” a registration for others, so that everyone will have a fair chance. Those who register, please do not bring extra guests, and leave dogs at home. If you don’t see the registration form, that means the workshop is full. To be put on the waitlist, send a request to Suzanne@cedarmountainherbs.com

We will meet in a Seattle park, location of which will be announced in the registration confirmation email.

What to bring:
Water/snack if desired
Dress for the weather, bring a layer

Be prepared to relax at a beautiful park, have a blast and learn more than you thought possible in an hour and a half!