You are embraced here, Seattle Fall Primer 2022

Open the door to a new way of being in the world.

Before we pick our first plant, sit awhile in silence.

What do you see, hear, smell? What sensations do you feel? What memories unfurl? What is percolating in your mind and what emotions rise to the surface?

It’s often the peace and quiet that first draws attention to the natural world. The utter calm that is so different from the jarring electricity of the urban or suburban areas where many of us live. After appreciating the freedom from disturbance for a few moments, we begin to notice the sounds of the area: birds calling, insects buzzing, whispers of larger animals moving just out of sight, sounds of water from waves on the beach, creeks and waterfalls up in the mountains, wind rustling leaves and branches.

We are welcome to partake in the healing comfort, vitality and abundance that the plants offer us. I often say that sometimes the best medicine the plants provide is the pleasure of their company, no picking necessary.

It’s incredibly transformative to simply be near them. What is shifting for you?

Whether deep in the forest, on a beach or meadow, or tucked into a pocket of nature in the city, the natural world calls us to go deeper. To reach farther in. We were never meant to be separate. We are a part of the whole. We are always included in the collective, in the web of life, the interdependency and the invitation to healing. When I’m among the plants, I’m with friends.  The plants are happy to see me, I can feel it. Whenever I respond to nature’s beckoning lure, my soul is once again restored.

 A simple walk in a park will present plants that want to meet you. Look for the single leaf waving when others are not. Breathe them in and give them your breath when you feel overwhelmed. The exchange of oxygen from plants and carbon dioxide from us show us how intertwined we are. Plants and humans connecting. And, often, the very plants we need  for health and wholeness grow right outside our door, presenting themselves to us, if we just take a moment to notice.

You can read my article about Veriditas: The Healing Power of all Things Green/  And remember that when it comes to wildcrafting, we are meant to attuned to the plants and in a reciprocal partnership with the green world. If all we take from the plants is the pleasure of their company…that is good medicine!