Week One Information, Seattle Fall Primer 2022

Are you ready for the Best Friday Ever?! 

We begin with…Nettle Seed!

The lovely Stinging Nettle, Urtica dioica, is a micro-nutrient-rich powerhouse that our bodies recognize as food and medicine. Good nutrition is the crucial foundation for building a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Some common misconception are that Nettles are “good for” adrenal fatigue, that a person should take Nettle 6 -8 weeks before their seasonal allergies are triggered, and that they can be harvested anytime.  Find out the real deal during our harvest time where we will actually be focused on harvesting seeds but there is a chance we may find a “fall flush” of new plants that we can harvest leaves from, too.

I am super excited to share knowledge and experiences of nettles with all of you-they are so accessible, and a wonderful example of  how healing plants can be, how they grow all around us, and how easy is is to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. If you are new to the world of herbalism this is a PERFECT place to start!

What to Expect

We will begin the day with introductions, talk about Wildcrafting ethics and medicine making. Then we will take a foraging walk through Discovery Park to learn about and harvest Nettle seed. We will have lunch then head over to a shadier area of the park to see about harvesting Nettles that have not yet flowered. Why is that important? If you don’t already know, you will learn why! Also, you will learn how to accurately identify, harvest and prepare a Nettle seed salt, anda vinegar or tincture, and create a Nettle pesto if we are lucky!

What to bring for harvesting nettle seed:

  • Rubber kitchen gloves!
  • Scissors
  • Small paper bag
  • Small fabric bag
  • 1 4 oz jar with lid
  • Masking tape or labels and a Sharpie marker
  • Half pint of apple cider vinegar
  • OR half pint 151 proof vodka or rum
  • Muddler or a mortal and pestle
  • Lunch, water, snacks
  • Notebook / pen
  • Umbrella
  • Camp chair or something to sit on
  • To have on hand at home: coarse sea salt and a grinder or small food processer.
  • Wear LONG pants and sturdy shoes! You will be sad if you wear sandals 🙂


Where to Meet

Discovery Park SOUTH Parking Lot. Please be there by about 9:15 so you can find parking, get situated and use the restroom before we get started at 9:30 am!

I will be in a white Toyota RAV 4, waving enthusiastically at you!

how to prepare nettles