Start Here-Important Information!

Welcome to YOUR Fall Botanical Primer!

It’s almost time to head out in the field and meet our plant friends!

In this Primer you will learn more than you thought possible! You will gain experience identifying plants, learn how to make effective remedies, and begin building a home apothecary and solid knowledge base on what it means to be an ethical wildcrafter! Plus, you will be immersing yourself in amazingly beautiful places with like-minded plant folk! There is so much to learn on the plant path, and I am here to guide you!

As we approach the start of the program, I want to make sure that you are aware of some VERY IMPORTANT things, so you get the most out of your Primer and have the absolute best, most joyful experience! Please read on…

What you NEED to Know…is YOUR Responsibility!

The Student Portal… is our primary communication and information tool. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with your student pages and fill out your profile before the start of the program. This includes your emergency contact information and I need before taking you out in the field!

→ Information for Each Week

The upcoming lessons and details for each week’s adventures will be available a week in advance in the student course pages. Please note that trip details and required equipment may change depending on plant availability and conditions. Remember the wildfire smoke from a couple years ago? If the last few years taught us nothing else, it’s how to be flexible, am I right?! Please double check the night before to make sure you have the most recent instructions!

→ What I (and your fellow apprentices) Expect of You

  • Reading all information carefully, including meeting places and times and what to bring, is the responsibility of each student. We are a community of learners and each person is expected to contribute to the successful experience of the whole.
  • Adulting! You MUST keep yourself informed. At CMHS we emphasize self-reliance and personal responsibility. This means that I will not remind you to read the information each week-it is your job to remember to do that. If something is unclear, please ask for clarification well in advance. Have your vehicle gassed up, supplies packed, routes planned, travel times sorted and come ready to participate to the fullest
    • Please note that I will not have time to respond to texts or phone calls from students on the day of class wondering where to meet, how to get there, and what to bring. All information and course material is provided in your student portal.
    • Please DO call or text ahead of time (if possible) if you will be absent.
    • I expect you to not only to be on time to each meeting place, but to be a bit early in order to take care of organizing gear into cars for carpooling, purchasing snacks, using the restroom, etc. We depart on time and will NOT wait around for stragglers!
  • Please save your password to the student portal. Write it down or save it in your browser! Either way, make sure you can log in well before the course begins. If your login fails twice, reset your password. You are responsible for managing your own login information. There are no refunds for locking yourself out and missing a class. Almost every page on the website has “Help Desk” to click on to resolve lockouts and forgotten/mistyped passwords. Please follow the instructions carefully to resolve any issues.
  • Above all, my wish is that together we create a peaceful oasis, in the midst of our everyday lives, to cherish this precious time we have carved out. Let us set an intention to cultivate compassion and kindness in our group, to foster deep connection with the plants, and to be present in our time together.
  • In order to ensure a safe and welcoming haven for all, we will absolutely refrain from discussing politics, religion, and anything that could cause discomfort or feelings of alienation.

→ What you will get out of the Primer

  • Will depend on what you put into it! True learning is not passive, you are not a vessel waiting to be filled with knowledge, rather, you are actively constructing knowledge through experiences, engagement, participation, and critical thinking.

→ What You Can Expect From Me

  • Your learning is important to me! My goal is to create a positive and joyful experience for everyone, and to give you my all when we are meeting.
  • You can expect that I will provide quality instruction and share best practices. I will post information in a timely manner and will endeavor to be clear in my communications. I will provide you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy information to the best of my ability. I will thoughtfully curate any materials, assignments/activities, or resources I offer you.
  • You can expect that each class will be an adventure (hopefully all fun adventures!) and incredibly enriching!

The countdown begins!

Our first meeting is just a couple short weeks away! I am SO looking forward to working with each and every one of you as we learn about the plants -from the plants- right where they grow as we cultivate our own relationships with the plants… and with each other!

Frondly, your human teacher,