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Unless noted, all workshops will be held at the Cedar Mountain Herb School in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Street address and directions will be given upon registration.

Wildcrafting Intensive:
Winter Medicine! Western Red Cedar, Salal, Fir Resin, Usnea Lichen, Tree ID

When: Sunday January 25, Noon - 5 PM
Where: Washington Park, Anacortes WA
Fee: $85

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Join other herbal enthusiasts at the Cedar Mountain Herb School and carpool up into the mountains in Skagit County for a day of wild plant ID, harvesting, and medicine-making. These intensives are mini-apprenticeships for those who have limited time or wish to learn more about the wild plants that live in the Pacific Northwest.

We will meet for all Intensives at Cedar Mountain Herb School and proceed from there to harvest areas. Students have an active role in gathering wild herbs, processing the plant matter, and crafting a variety of medicines from them.

Each intensive gives a great deal of medicinal uses for the wild plants harvested, in addition to case study stories, and instruction around appropriate uses, dosages, and applications.

There's so much medicine available in the winter! Rain or shine, we'll don our harvesting gear, and gather nature's remedies.

Western Red Cedar - Thuja plicata, is best known for its ability to kill certain bacteria and fungi. Cedar is a powerful immune-system stimulant. Learn why the indigenous peoples of the area revered cedar and utilized it in their ceremonies, food preparation, lodging, and communication. We'll harvest cedar tips, make smudge bundles and medicine, and learn how to best employ this valuable tree.

Salal - Gaultheria shallon, is astringent and anti-inflammatory to the throat, upper intestinal mucosa, lungs and renal system. It is also used in wound-healing formulas. Learn its medicine and how to incorporate it in your herbal first aid kit.

Fir Resin - one of my favorite herbal medicines to gather. The resin of all firs and pines are used to relieve fungal infections including ringworm, cradle cap and athlete's foot. In addition, the resin is anti-microbial. It functions well alone or in formulas in soap, salves, and the like.

Usnea spp. is a lichen that is traditionally utilized as a potent herbal antibiotic, both internally and externally. Usnea needs special care to release the medicine. We will gather usnea and process it for medicine.

Winter tree ID - The inner bark of many trees is medicinal. Proper identification is a must, especially this time of year. We will identify a variety of trees, and harvest Madrone bark and Juniper for an antiseptic urinary formula. You'll also incorporate other tree medicine to make a cough syrup.

You'll learn to identify, harvest, prepare the harvest for a variety of remedies, including cough syrup, tinctures, and fir tar.

If you'd like to bring home the remedies we make in class, please bring:
  • Jute string or kite string and a pair of scissors.
  • 2 half pint or jelly jars with lids.
  • Vodka - any proof.
  • Half cup of brandy
  • Small piece of ginger
  • Half cup of honey
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Cutting board and chopping knife.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Fabric or plastic gathering bags
  • Be ready to have fun!!! Dress for the weather and bring a lunch.


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